Fatecore Magi Event

A new fatecore has arrived in Exos Heroes!

The hero is “Jude Turner” Magi. It’s a Black-rated fatecore.

Her banner event will last from June 17th 20:00 to June 24th 19:59 (UTC)


Magi from the parallel world where the Jude Turner lineage has awakened. The magic of her ideal fusion of theory and practice is said to have reached a level impossible to imitate.

Exclusive Weapon

Crystal Deer


Mana Utilization
  • Increases Attack based on allies’ mana count
  • Gains Mana(1 mana) if allies’ mana count is at 10 or more on turn
  • Gains Mana(1 mana) if enemies’ mana count is at 10 or more on turn
Dragon Knight Blessing
  • Increases damage dealt to dragons with the Dragon Scale of Order activated by 250%
  • Head Dragon Knight
  • [All] Decreases damage from Raging Breath by 50%
  • Increases damage reduce effect to the ally with Dragon Knight Blessing by 20% additional (Can’t apply with another Head Dragon Knight effect)
The Great One
  • [Over Time Effect] Grants the The Great One mark to the 4 highest Attack hero in the same row as self
  • If an ally with the The Great One mark is attacked it grants the Dragon’s Blood mark (only once per turn, excludes damage from Wrath)
Dragon Blood
  • If the marked target is attacked again while the mark is activated gain Dragon Blood+1 (Max 7)
  • If the marked target doesn’t take a hit for 2 turns lose all Dragon Blood marks
  • Once every turn, when attacked, allies marked with Dragon Blood will Counter dealing 50% damage for every Dragon Blood mark on them
Dragon Scale
  • Once every turn, upon taking damage grant a barrier of 100% of own Defense for each Dragon Blood mark to all Dragon Blood marked allies for 10 turns (cannot be stacked)
Active Skill 1
Cube Exterminate
  • Required mana: 1
  • [All] Deals 102% damage to all enemies
Active Skill 2
Quantum Genocide
  • Required Mana: 3 Burst
  • [All] Deals 178% damage to all enemies
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